Crafts Envy: 5 Yarn Art That Speaks Volumes

Well to all the advocates for the phrase "less is more", we believe these yarn art might just as well convert you. Think thousands yards of yarn for a single macrame piece or using rovings (yes rovings!) for embroidery. Here's 5 yarn art that speaks volumes – literally in terms...

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KOEL Stories | Meet The KOEL Kids: Jillian Bass

Meet The KOEL Kids : Jillian Bass

With a background in graphic design and an interest in art history, weaving seems like the ideal art medium for emerging Brooklyn-based textile artist, Jillian Bass. A varied collection of weaving works that showcases an impressive grasp of colour, contrasts and design elements, we are loving the mix of muted and bold...

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KOEL Stories | KOEL Find

KOEL Finds

Cosy up (go solo or double?) with throws and cushions this new year weekend dark moods for post holiday blues minimal yet statement accessory for the Saturday date! DIY hallway makeover success Unique knitted artworks  for the home.. It's OK to not have it all...

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